Terms & Conditions

1. Rental up to 20 years old driver. If the driver belongs the driving license less than 2 years the guarantee during the rental is double.

2. Credit card or cash needed for guarantee during rental.

3.Full insurance covers damages except the downside of the car and tires.

(CDW) renter has an excess of 300-600€ in case of a damage . The 50% out of this amount has to be kept by us in cash as a guarantee during rental.

4. Payment method: Cash or card. Card payments are done only at the office.

5. On delivery of the car, it is the renter’s responsibility to examine it and agrees that the vehicle is in an overall perfect condition and proper for the use and the purpose for which the car is rented. It is equally the renter’s obligation to return to the lessor company the car along with all official documents, tools, and accompanying accessories in the exact same condition in which they were delivered to him, and in the time and location specified in the rental contract. In an opposite case and after the lapse of the agreed date and time of the car collection, the renter is under the obligation to pay to the lessor company the amount corresponding to compensation for use of the car.

6. It is the renter’s obligation to look after the car, to maintain the car in good condition, to check its mechanical condition, oil level and water level, the tires of the car, etc., and, in general, to ensure the safe drive of the car. No repairs of the car may be realized by either the renter or third parties without the lessor company’s prior authorization.

7. Taking the car across Greek borders, as well as ferrying the car or transporting it by train or other means of transport is forbidden without the lessor company’s prior written authorization.

8. The renter will bear exclusively and in full the expenses of traffic fines or any other administrative contravention.

9. It is prohibited to use the car for taking in tow or hauling cars or other material.

10. It is prohibited to use the car for participating, running or following any kind of racing activities.

11. It is prohibited to sublease the car to third parties.

12. It is prohibited to use the car for any purpose that is against the laws of the Greek Republic.

13. It is prohibited to use the car in case either the renter or the additional driver of the car is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, drugs, barbiturates or any other substance.

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